Wardrobe Declutter

Wardrobe Declutter

Can you close your wardrobe door? Is it bursting with clothes you never wear? Or do you waste your mornings working out what fits and what items go together?

A declutter by definition is ‘to remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)’… and we often think of decluttering our homes but, our clothing should be no exception. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds is it? We keep more than clothes in our wardrobes…we hoard emotions there as well.

We all keep clothes that remind us of when we were thinner, younger, of holidays and special occasions – memories hanging in materials we know we’ll never wear again. Or maybe it’s an incentive piece that we tell ourselves we WILL fit into one of these days. Some clothes are so well loved they’re falling apart at the seams, are beyond repair yet we can’t bear to part with them. But, unless it makes you feel good it’s taking up valuable space and needs to be reviewed. Together we’ll style your wardrobe piece by piece and shoes pair by pair.

So how does a Wardrobe Declutter work?

With my professional eye I’ll review what works together and what needs to be considered. We’ll sort clothes into ‘seasonal’ piles of the time of year and categorise them into those that suit and flatter your figure. We’ll match outfits that you can just grab and go, saving you hours of time and precious minutes in the morning rush.

After, you’ll be confident with your clothing choice every day and will feel inspired when you open your wardrobe door. I won’t make you throw anything away, but I will advise what ‘additional’ pieces could complement your collection – like the classic jeans or jacket – perfect for dressing up or down, summer or winter.

In good company

When we start working together, I take the time to get to know you. I’ll schedule a discovery call at a time that suits you, so that we can have a chat. This helps me understand your personality and your lifestyle and also gives you the chance to ensure you feel comfortable with me before our consultation. It’s not easy letting someone into your home to delve inside your wardrobe so it’s vital that you’re comfortable with my company before our work begins.

It’s personality that adds the panache to your wardrobe and that’s exactly what I want to help you capture with your clothing. I offer a personal service, tailor-made for you that pampers, problem solves and will make you feel fantastic.


I offer a personal service tailor-made for you that pampers, problem solves and makes you feel fantastic.



What to expect

From chaos to calm in your wardrobe.
  • pre-session chat via phone, video or email
  • expert colour & style advice throughout
  • new outfit inspiration (from your existing wardrobe)
  • a follow-up report via email with summary of session (photos included)*
  • realistic & budget friendly shopping list of any key missing items identified.

Personal Shopping is available.
* photos cannot be taken / included if we are working online. 

What you will gain

During the consultation, you will learn:
  • how to pull together outfits from existing garments
  • how to save money by not duplicating garments
  • how to select garments which suit your style
  • how to inject your personality into your outfits

Price  guide

My price plans will always be flexible – get in touch if you would like to chat through your options.

Over on my packages page I’ve put together some ideas but will also tailor make a package just for you.


3 hours