Style Advisor

Style Advisor

My styling advice is requested for a variety of reasons and activities. Below is an overview of the services for which I can be booked. Chat with me if you would like a tailored package.

Colour Analysis

These are a few myths around having your colours analysised, when in reality, it can open up new options and alternative ways for you to use colour to enhance your characteristics. It’s not a case of me telling you you can’t wear something, but more me showing you how and why some shades compliment you better than others.

Why would you consider a colour analysis? 

Colours are fascinating – I have studied colour for many years and believe it or not, there is a true science behind colour analysis. By studying your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour, I can show you how and why some shades are not your best friends while others will enhance and work perfectly for you.

I truly believe personality is key and so I can use my experience to tweak the science of colour to best suit you. 

Wearing colours that are right for you gives you a look of radiance and can often make you look younger! 

You will save time and money when you shop. Now that’s something to consider right? 

Colour analysis price guide:
£247 *

* Or £99 when booked together with another service or package.



Your aim as an independent retailer is to create a positive shopping experience for your customers. An experience they will remember and return to again and again. If your staff share in your vision, why not invest in your team and give them Personal Styling tools to enable them to better help your customers.


So you have booked your personal or business photoshoot…but what do you wear?
For a business it’s a huge investment in time and money and a necessity to ensure that the images used in your marketing reflect the quality of your business brand. What is your brand? I can work with you to analyse your brand and determine how this can be reflected in what you wear for the photoshoot, but at the same time being true to who you are too.


Fashion says “me too”,  style says “only me”.


Talks + Presentations

Looking for a Stylist to speak at your event? I love to share my knowledge with an audience and inspire them about style, colour and what to wear. I’m flexible in my approach and happy to work on a solo basis or to compliment a programme of speakers. Get in touch if you would like to  have a chat to find out what I charge and to see if I am the right fit for what you need.


Are you a newly trained Personal Stylist feeling a little lost? Or perhaps you are a stylist returning to your business after a break. I remember when I trained as a stylist, the excitement I felt at the prospect of helping others was immense but I also felt daunted at the thought of working on my own. My biggest fear, not having anyone to turn to for advice either as a stylist or running my own business.
Working independently can be challenging, but it can be made a great deal easier and enjoyable if you have someone that can be there to answer those difficult questions and offer advice from their own experiences.
Why not get in touch for a complimentary chat to learn more about how I could help you and your business? I can provide you with support in running your business on an adhoc or regular basis to suit you.

Confidence compliments every trend, you can wear it to any occasion and with any outfit.