Personal Shop

Personal Shop

Time flies on a shopping trip with me – because we’ll genuinely have fun.

Do you dislike clothes shopping? Or perhaps find it stressful? Maybe because you dislike crowds or are uninspired by the same stores you visit. Shopping with me eliminates the stress you feel. It will be a positive experience as I help you regain confidence and joy in clothes shopping.

Let me take the stress out of shopping.

We all know that person who we feel comfortable shopping with. That friend that finds the bargains for us and picks an outfit off the rails that we’d never dream of choosing – but that suits us perfectly. That friend that knows us inside out, makes us feel fantastic, where time spent with them always boosts your day and the friend that cares about our self-confidence (more than our catwalk credibility). To my clients, I’m that friend.

I always get to know you before we shop and, on your shopping day, I’ll have already been busy doing a ‘pre-shop’. I visit shops in advance, both independent and high street looking at what collections and shops suit your personality and individual style  The most important thing for me is that you get the most from your experience. And a pre-shop ensures we don’t waste time in places that don’t complement your personality.

Self-confidence is the greatest addition to your wardrobe …

…it goes with every outfit and complements every style…but above all, it’s the accessory you deserve and it’s what I’m dedicated to finding.



Self-confidence is the greatest addition to your wardrobe.



What to expect

Let me take the stress out of shopping by:
  • pre-shopping so your time is not wasted
  • selecting outfits to suit your style
  • selecting outfits to suit your figure
  • selecting outfits to suit your colouring
  • working within your budget

What you will gain

During the consultation, you will learn:
  • how to shop to suit your figure
  • how to shop to suit your colouring
  • how to inject personality into your outfits
  • how to shop wisely

Price  guide

My price plans will always be flexible and I’m happy to work around your budget.

Over on my packages page I’ve put together some ideas but will also tailor make a package just for you.


3 hours