About me

Our clothing, hair and make-up should reflect our personalities and we should be proud to express ourselves for who we are.

My Story

I never envisaged a career as a stylist.

In fact, if I could go back in time and tell the teenager struggling with confidence because of a severe skin condition that she’d be where I am now, it wouldn’t be believed.

I studied Business Admin at Uni and pursued a career in the City which lead to many happy years in the ‘corporate world’.  I soon learned that I loved being a people person and channelled those strengths into what I thought was my favourite job: working for an international firm as their Trainer for the UK and Scandinavia where I spent 80% of my time working face-to-face with clients, building relationships. It was a job that I loved. But it was also a job where personality and appearance counted for everything. A desire to improve my presentation skills soon lead me to seek the services of an image consultant. I wanted to understand why some outfits received compliments and made me feel like I could take on the world and why others didn’t. And, as a result my confidence flourished.

Like many, running my own business was a dream during my corporate years. A way to escape the rat race and enjoy the freedom of being my own boss while making a difference to others…except I didn’t know what that role would be. However, a personal move from London to Leamington Spa made me completely rethink my working life and gave me the opportunity I needed to re-evaluate.

“I think you should do the styling thing” …

… said my sister in an off the cuff remark during a fateful conversation about my next steps. “You put outfits together so well…you shop in shops I’ve never heard of and you always look stylish” were a few more of her reasons. I’d never considered myself to be someone to admire until my younger sister chipped in with “Well, don’t you remember your 6th form days – you had a unique style and others copied you?“…what? this was a far cry from the teenage girl quietly going about her business, hiding her skin. Their perceptions of me were a thousand miles away from how I viewed myself…which just goes to show how important it is to have a second opinion on our style. And their comments were all it took to plant the seed of my career change.

In a ‘now or never’ moment I took the opportunity to step off the 9-5 treadmill and retrain with Colour Me Beautiful. My ethos runs deep. I believe that we are all individuals and should be treated as such. Our clothing, hair and make-up should reflect our personalities and we should be proud to express ourselves for who we are.

I’m just like you, I juggle various areas of life alongside my work. I thrive on helping women with their confidence having learnt to build my own to where I am today.
As I get ready to launch my new website, I am celebrating 13 years in business & I can honestly say it is the best feeling ever. I am honoured every time I am invited to help a lovely lady like you and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in hundreds and hundreds of women’s lives via their wardrobes.

So, let’s combine clothing with confidence together…and transform how you see yourself as well as your wardrobe.